For one month, help support CPP's upcoming NYC season 6 even from abroad. Consider our CUP OF COFFEE campaign.  The company is aiming to raise 2,000$ for final season 6 fee's.  Our goal is to have 400 people from around the world donate JUST 5$.  Give CPP your next cup of coffee and help them reach their goal by

February 13th 2017!

CUP OF COFFEE campaign







It is through the generosity of our patrons and partners that Curet Performance Project Dance Company continues to grow and evolve into one of the leading emerging contemporary dance companies from New York City. With gratitude, we welcome your support and invite you to join us.

All donors become a part of the CPP family and will be recognized on our website and kept up to date on Company happenings. Plus, all partners are recognized in the Company’s programs, and all partners receive VIP privileges, including personal free performance previews, invitation to our company rehearsals and video interviews and updates for our donors from abroad. 

Become a member:

25$ And above offers recognition in companies annual season program.

50$ And above offers invitation to preview new works during company rehearsals and recognition in companies annual season program.

100$ And above offers invitation to special private performances, and company rehearsals to preview new work. Recognition in annual company season program and video updates, which include interviews with company dancers and preview of new work.