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 Curet Performance Project

Dance educational outreach is a major aspect of Curet Performance Project. The company is keen to continue the efforts in keeping both dance alive and dance education in schools thriving. The company offers a series of exciting workshops, research labs, dance technique classes and inner school dance projects. Listed below are class break downs. For booking and further information please contact info.curetperformanceproject@gmail.com


Moving Lines Workshop

·       An international contemporary movement research workshop

·       Combining composition, movement investigation and contemporary dance vocabulary

·       The workshop revolves around Curet’s choreographic practice and aims to engage others in the early workshop stages of CPP’s repertoire

§  Toured throughout the UK, Caucuses region and Europe

§  Ages 15 and up

§  Contemporary dance technique used combining elements of Afro-Latin movement and contemporary form

Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance

·       Teaching faculty member since 2016. 

                        §  Combining Pearl Lang methods in composition and contemporary form building used in CPP’s repertoire

Curet Performance Project in school programs

·       Teaching a range of styles from Jazz, Contemporary, Latin and Hip Hop

·       Bringing art through physicality to inner city schools throughout the five boroughs

·       Her class structure incorporates, team building skills, technique, and improvisation

§  Curet has been a teaching artist with SEA (Society of Educational Arts) and currently teaches for Success Academy

§  Curet has also offered master workshops in CPP’s repertoire at The Renaissance performing arts high school

§  Age brackets taught 5-10, 13-16 and 16 and up

§  Jazz techniques from swing, bebop, musical theater, and contemporary funk

§  Latin styles taught from Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Merengue, Bomba y Plena and Cha Cha.