Polish Theater Institute "Summer Solstice"

Come, join The Polish Theatre Institute on this Summer Solstice, during the Make Music New York festivities with a celebration of the pre-historic celebration of the Sun God Kupajla, Mother Earth and deities of fire, water and fertility.  By lighting the sacred fire the old evil past is destroyed and the world is reborn.  The day is also celebrated as St. John's Eve. 
Come to
                      A MIDSUMMER NIGHT

                  on Friday,  June 21st, 2013
            at 1:00pm in Greenpoint's McGolrick Park
                        at 6:00pm in Manhattan's City Hall Park
         Join us in this marriage of the past and present in this Midsummer Eve pow-wow.   Bring your children and be part of this extraordinary ancient and contemporary folk celebration.   

Choreographed by Maher Benham and performed by her company Coyote Dancers. With performances also by companies, Polish American Folk Dance Company and                                                Iskra Ukrainian Dance Ensemble