SEA (Society of Educational Arts) 

Workshops are designed to combine and utilize various art forms (drama, dance, music and the visual arts) to explore and challenge academic, community and social issues. Curet's partnership with SEA as a teaching artist allows direct access to inner city public schools to offer dance residencies in various forms. These residencies also explore directly, the  visions and missions of Curet Performance Projects.



is home to Curet Performance Project's filming, rehearsal, audition and showings.  Partnership with this leading NYC space for artists began in early January 2016.


Take Back The Night's

mission as a charitable 501(c)3 Foundation is to create safe communities and respectful relationships through awareness events and initiatives. We seek to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse and all other forms of sexual violence.

Curet Performance Project began a relationship with TBTN after hosting Rally For Red in February 2016, a dance concert benefit to raise funds and awareness for the national organization. Shortly after, the company was invited to perform Rally For Red at the International Summit to End Sexual Violence at Fordham University on July 10th 2016.