Isla switches gears in response to the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria on the Island of Puerto Rico.  “Having returned to my families home to witness the crumbling ceilings and the local shops that have since closed from the storm’s damages left a very visceral and raw emotion, which I have tried to translate into the slow movement dynamics of Isla”.

-Megan Curet



Premiered February 2018 at Brooklyn Studios for Dance.

A work that investigates the abstract notions of bodies within systems. Using movement to engage the audience, Sistema seeks to tell the story of “our” and “home” and where those places exist within systems. An evening length journey into the unanswered questions; how do systems affect the moving body? How do bodies move within those structured systems?  


Premiered May 13th 2016 at Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn)

Americana, a dynamic piece with six dancers and live music choreographed by Megan Curet who collaborated with Israel musician Idan Morim. Americana teases out current notions inflicting American society; investigating what represents the now of American-ness?

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Premiered March 25th 2015 at The Rag Factory (London)

UnDoing embarks on a journey into the inner landscape of the Palestine and Israel conflict from the visions of an outsider and insider. An attempt of undoing the medias impression and drawing a focus on the actual human experience. 

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Portrait Femme Unveiled 

Premiered August 19th 2014 at The Royal Terrace (Edinburgh, Fringe Festival)

Portrait Femme Unveiled embarks on a journey into the inner landscape of the female identity in this riveting show about love, culture, religion and the inner emotional workings of a woman.

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We Are All Leaving

Premiered May 2014 at Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn)

We are all leaving dives into the workings of human loss, death and the acceptance of the unknown.

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A Beautiful Struggled

Premiered May 2014 at Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn)

A beautiful struggle depicts the image of the muted, and marginalized through contemporary dance movement to move boundaries and overcome societies inflictions.

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El Barrio

Premiered May 2014 at Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn)

Through contemporary dance, El Barrio explores the 1980's crack epidemic of Spanish Harlem, and the melting pot of Latin culture in New York City.

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The Last Portrait

Premiered April 2013 at Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn)

A movement research into the dancers identity, exploring the acceptance of the individual person known as themselves.  




Three Shed to One.

Premiered April 2013 at Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn)

Three women tell the story of strength and bond, as the blend into one body, one female, one common experience.

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Premiered December 2012 at The Martha Graham Studio Theater (NYC)

Through Martha Graham modern dance vocabulary, Asiento is the story of spiritual ascension from the religious culture of Santeria.  An exploration of transcendence.

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Where Does it Go When It's Gone

Premiered July 2012 at Queens College Summer Performing Arts Festival (Queens)

The loss of love, and affection as told through the body.

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Florals in Marrakesh

Premiered September 2011 at Dance New Amsterdam (NYC)

Curet's first research into composition and choreography after journeying to Morocco during Ramadan. Florals in Marrakesh explores discipline through repetition in the spiritual form witnessed, of the people in Marrakesh.